Driving 4 A Cause (D4AC) is a gamified fundraising platform whose volunteer drivers provide on-demand rides within their community. Proceeds are utilized to eradicate domestic violence, educate, protect and advance, our youth. D4AC primary goal is to end domestic violence by providing economic, entrepreneurship literacy and technology training such as coding and robotics to woman and youth between the ages of 8 and 18, understanding that it can have positive effects on the overall behavior of an individual.

D4AC annually supports Dads National Association Against Domestic Violence (DNAADV) whose mission is to end domestic violence by educating youth and empowering women to soar economically. We teach boys and girls the effect of domestic violence and have them take a pledge early in life not to be a perpetrator or victim and provide training to women in areas they have been traditionally left out such as technology and robotics.

DNAADV core belief is that the only way to end domestic violence is to:

  • Educate and empower that the youth of today and overtime they become solid men and women who are confident within themselves and addresses anger in a responsible manner.
  • Assisting today’s women with meaningful skills and career opportunities

For more information on Dads National Association Against Domestic Violence visit www.dnaadv.org.

So often people say do you help at risk kids? The D4AC response is all children are at risk, if one is displaced and feels hopeless. In order to protect our youth, we must enter into as many areas as possible in order to prevent and/or address circumstances that negatively impact them.


In order to have great success, you must have great relationships along with a team of partners. D4AC consist of the following partners: Drivers, Riders and Corporate Partners. Each category of partners is vital and therefore their continued success is very important to D4AC.


Drivers are the driving force and lifeline of the project. They are divided into the following categories:
  • Celebrity Driver
  • Community Leader
  • Volunteer Driver


Riders are the realize of support and fuel that propels the project. They are divided into the following categories:
  • Celebrity Rider
  • Volunteer Rider
  • Committed Rider
  • Community Rider
  • Family and Friend Rider


Corporations are the stabilizers that allow the project to sustain and benefit the drivers and riders. They are divided into the following categories:
  • Local
  • Regional
  • National


D4AC promotes youth entrepreneurship and economic literacy because financial insecurity is one of the leading causes of negative behavior in our youth. It is naïve to think all is well when facts according to the American Psychological Association say:
  • 16.4 Million children under 18 are living in poverty according to 2010 US Census
  • 22% of youth under 18 live in an insecure food condition as of 2010
  • 939,903 children were homeless during the 2009-2010 school year

For all the above reasons, we must do more to equip our youth with empowering tools that can assist them in leading more positive and productive lifestyles.

In order to provide further development for our children, D4AC will adopt and introduce practices nationally, outside of entrepreneurship and economic literacy that will train allow youth in middle and high school to identify key words and warning signs of potential concerns within their individual and shared peer space.


D4AC secondary causes are heart driven and focused on the needs of the people across the country. Contributors and donors get to nominate causes that are near their heart and/or communities that are deserving of resources and support. A great example of a heart driven cause is Mrs. Jones who provides food for anyone that is hungry in her small town. She utilizes her own limited funds to purchase the food, she then cooks the food, serves the food and cleans up after food is eaten. D4AC would love to step in and provide a freezer along with a monthly gift so she can purchase food and continue to feed individuals in her community.


In the event you are unable partner in any capacity please feel free to make a contribution and receive information about how you can team up with a driver. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

95% of donated funds are distributed to heart driven causes while 5% is allocated to assist with administrative cost.